Craft Beer and Vegan Burek Hunting in Sarajevo

Bosnia and Herzegovina very well may be one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever visited.

For every bus ride I’d take within the country I’d usually have a good book ready to read but instead find my eyes glued to teal blue rivers, snow capped mountains, and bright green forests. However, perhaps not surprisingly, the craft beer and vegan scene (not that the two are mutually exclusive) probably aren’t going to blow your mind. Unless you’ve never had burek before, then it will probably blow your mind.

Speaking of burek, I should clarify that in Bosnia and Herzegovina burek is always a meat pie while everything else is just pie so you might not want to just say, “give me a burek”. The potato one (krompirusa) is your best bet if you’re wanting it to be vegan but you’ll also encounter the rare vegan pumpkin burek – I mean, I’m going to tell you exactly where to go. You should definitely go try it unless you hate pumpkins.

Where to find Vegan Burek in Sarajevo

On one of my previous trips through Eastern Europe someone asked me why I chose to travel through this region.I told them it was to find the best burek – technically pie, I know. Of course that wasn’t entirely true but I did make it a mission to try out the best vegan pie in each city. Sarajevo is still strongly holding that title. Let’s be real though: Krompirusa is like pizza. By that I mean even a lackluster potato pie is likely still pretty good. Plus, you’re probably staring out into glorious mountainous scenery as you eat it which doesn’t hurt. So here are my favorite spots for a vegan pie in Sarajevo:

Buregdžinica Bosna – Address: Bravadžiluk 11, Sarajevo 71000 : I think this is one of the more popular burek places for tourists. It must be popular for a reason though, right? I liked the atmosphere of this place quite a bit and it’s reasonably priced for a Krompirusa being right in the center of old town at 2 marks ($1.25).

Buregdžinica Sač – Address: Bravadžiluk mali 2, Sarajevo 71000 : This is definitely my favorite Krompirusa in old town. I had one fresh out of the oven though so I’m not sure if that makes me a little biased. It as deliciously crunchy and seemed to have more spices than Buregdzinica Bosna – they’re less than 5 minutes from each other. They have a pumpkin pie but unfortunately it’s not vegan. The price was 3 marks ($1.89).

Pita Ispod Sača – Address: 71000, Koturova, Sarajevo : The gem, the diamond in the rough, home of my favorite vegan pumpkin pie in Sarajevo. Pumpkin pie as you have probably never imagined and to be dreamed about after you leave Sarajevo. The price was 2 marks ($1.25).

Pekara AS – Multiple Locations : Pekara translates to bakery in English and you’ll only ever be a short stumble away from one in Sarajevo. You’ll find Krompirusa at most all of them but this is my favorite one. They have multiple locations but the one I went to several times was Pekara AS5 as it’s a 15 minute walk from the bus station. Pekara AS holds the title for the best, cheapest Krompirusa to go priced from 1-1.50 marks ($0.60-0.95).

Craft Beer in Sarajevo

Searching the web before my visit to Sarajevo, I really couldn’t find much information on the craft beer scene. There seemed to be only a couple of beer bars I deemed worth checking out and no beer store at all.  Vucko was an easy find but figuring out where to buy craft beer in a store to take home was a bit of a mission. Although, props to Vucko, their staff was super friendly and told me I could buy whatever I wanted to go from them. Below are my top two recommendations for craft beer in Sarajevo:

Vučko – Address: Radićeva 10, Sarajevo 71000 : This is for sure my top recommendation if you’re wanting to sample some craft beers at a bar in Sarajevo. They have an extensive list of local and regional options to try out. There were even a couple of vegan options on the food menu when I visited – salad and the soup of the day. It’s a pretty comfortable place to belly up after a day of exploring Sarajevo.

Mercator Ložionička – Address: Ložionička 16, Sarajevo 71000 – After visiting Pekara AS5 and the Otaka market I spotted a giant Mercator sign in the distance on my walk back and decided to check it out. This place is a bit of walk out from old town but it’s worth the  30+ minute trek if you want to buy many a craft beer at a bargain to try out. This was also one of the only places in Sarajevo where I found tofu, soy milk, and a lot of other tasty vegan options.