It all started when…

I found skateboarding. For me, looking back and reflecting on life, it’s this wooden toy that inspired me to go out and travel the world. If I could figure out where a skate spot was in a video then I would drive five hours to go skate it. Eventually I’d move from Mississippi to Los Angeles taking only what I could fit in my car.

Skateboarding taught me to look at the world differently – analyzing my surroundings and architecture through a new lens. I realized I didn’t need so much to make me happy and that I was a minimalist at heart. This is perhaps what led to my frugality because I began to see clearly my needs versus wants.

So this in turn led to my other passions. I love going D.I.Y. on everything I’m able to make myself so I started making my own soaps, hair pomade, and deodorant among other things – I even ran an online store selling my products when I was living in NYC.

From there I started brewing my own beer which I absolutely love. Doing it myself gave me new appreciation for all the work that goes into brewing. Now that I more understand how it works I love seeking out unique craft beers and talking to the brewers behind them when possible.

Lastly, I’m a huge proponent of budgeting and spreadsheets. Keeping of track of your expenses is something I find key in setting goals for the future. It’s much easier to put money away if you develop a plan on how you want to invest it. Investing it could be purchasing real estate, putting together a proper stock portfolio, or traveling the glove for an extended period.

I’ve essentially been traveling the world for 10+ years and visited over 100 countries. It seems about time I start sharing where to find my favorite beer spots, vegan eats, organic stores, and nature around the world. I’ll also include detailed write-ups on my favorite gear and top travel tips.