I’m passionate about

Learning, teaching, and helping build things that provide a significant benefit to society.I want to be working on really hard things that matter with people smarter than me.

More About Me

I love skateboarding. For me, looking back and reflecting on life, it’s this wooden toy that inspired me to go out and travel the world.

Skateboarding taught me to look at the world differently – analyzing my surroundings and architecture through a new lens. I realized I didn’t need so much to make me happy and that I was a minimalist at heart.

Skateboarding gave me a feeling of inclusiveness in a community. Showing up to a new place or country it felt like skateboarders couldn’t care less about your class, race, age, or gender… you were a fellow skateboarder first and foremost.


I’ve been fortunate to give back to skateboarding and have helped teach kids how to skateboard in countries like Palestine and Cambodia. I also got help a bit with building some skateparks.

Now I’m teaching job seekers and refugees web development in Berlin. It’s really exciting to share my passions with others while helping them succeed.