Craft Beer in Macedonia

Temov Craft Beer

Craft beer in Macedonia isn’t really a thing.

Temov in Skopje is the first, and only, brewpub in Macedonia. There aren’t even any bottle shops that you’ll be able to purchase craft beer at in Macedonia. On top of this I find the local beers here to be some of my least favorite in Eastern Europe. Skopsko just isn’t really my thing but it’s what you’ll see the most as it dominates 64% of the Macedonian beer market. And on top of that it’s a Heineken-owned macrobrew brand.

Temov Beer Menu
Temov’s Menu

Temov is an absolute must visit if you find yourself nearby. If you’re anything like me you’ll surely be hankering for a solid IPA or stout. You can check out the menu above to scope out their beer list and food menu. The beers listed are the standards which are always available. Temov also has a rotating list for seasonal beers so be sure to ask about those. There aren’t too many food options if you’re a vegan but let’s be real – I went for the beer.

Inside Temov
Inside Temov

Once inside Temov I find the atmosphere to be reminiscent of hanging out in a modern Macedonian town house. I’m a fan of the setting as it does still feel like a brewery with all the equipment on display. I personally don’t like it when a brewery tries to go super trendy to the point of snobby. Ambiance wise I must say I’m keen on what they’ve done with the space.

Temov IPA Beer
Temov IPA

The standard IPA is what I enjoyed when I visited. I’ll be honest in saying that it wasn’t the absolute best IPA I’ve ever had but it was a fair representation of the style. It was exactly what I was craving during my travels through Macedonia. Through and through I’m stoked that Temov is leading the way for craft beer in Macedonia. It’s definitely a cause I’m willing to support. Temov apparently brews the only Macedonian beer that doesn’t contain preservatives, pasteurization, artificial colors and flavors. That’s a huge perk in my opinion!

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