How to Hike up Vodno Mountain to the Millenium Cross in Skopje

Vodno Mountain

The Hike up Vodno Mountain in Skopje is definitely worth the effort.

First off, it’s practically right in the city center. You’ll get to scope out some new neighborhoods and explore different parts of Skopje on your walk to the base of Mt. Vodno. Even with all that Skopje has to offer the hike up Vodno Mountain was one of my most memorable experiences.

Okay, first things first, below you’ll see your hiking path options:

Mount Vodno Skopje Map
Mountain Paths on Vodno

Above you can see the photo I took of map which shows your hiking path options on Mt. Vodno. It will probably take you a couple of hours to hike all the way up to the Millennium Cross. If you choose to take the Buran Cvetko path (the red line) then be warned that it’s basically walking up a 90 degree incline.

Here are some more detailed maps for the hike:

To make things a bit easier to figure out I’ve linked two hiking maps. One is from Wandermap ( Map 1 ) and the other is from WikiLoc (Map 2). You’ll notice that both of these maps actually go all the way from Millennium Cross to Matka Canyon which I wrote a post on here. It’s a great workout plus you’ll get to enjoy some amazing nature.

If you’d rather do a shorter walk up and take the cable car to the Millenium Cross you can follow this map:

Obviously, I’m a huge fan of hiking up to the Millennium Cross and soaking in the scenery but you can also just take the “Millennium Cross” bus from the main station (35 MKD). This bus will take you to the Millennium cross station from which you’ll just hop on the cable car.

Here’s a map showing how to walk from the main square to the bus station:

A word of advice:

The cable car costs 100 MKD ($1.90 USD) round trip. One way tickets are also available. An important thing to note is that the cable car only runs for 30 minutes at a time. If you visit during the winter make sure you don’t get stuck at the top for 30 minutes.


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  1. Henry Roop
    May 24, 2018 / 10:57 pm

    That looks like an amazing hike! What a beautiful country and view! Enjoyed the read and informative information.

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